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Twitter says 1.6 billion unique visitors per month see tweets of other users, which corresponds to 500 million tweets per day and around 200 billion tweets per year.

With this kind of reach, it’s safe to say that Twitter is a realistic and useful way to build your business and get instant public messages delivered in front of your target audience, whether it is an audience of existing customers or potential new customers.

The question is, how can you use Twitter as an effective marketing tool? Or, why don’t you use Twitter as a marketing tool?

Take advantage of our best practices for creating a Twitter strategy and measuring impact on the platform.

Creating interest in your brand

The first – and easiest – social media metric to measure is volume.

What is the size of the conversation about your brand or your campaign? Volume is a great initial indicator of interest. People tend to talk about things they either love or hate, but rarely about things they simply don’t care about at all.

While volume can seem like a simple counting metric, there’s more to it than just counting tweets and retweets. It’s important to measure the number of:

  • Tweets about your brand
  • Mentions of your account
  • Unique people talking about you

Tweet like a human, and treat everyone with respect. We keep track of what works well and what you can improve, and you’ll grow your following, reach new audiences and increase your engagement before you know it.

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